The Diederich Journal

November 23, 2003

It's been nearly three months since my last update, mainly because I couldn't access the server that hosts this humble site. It seems I misplaced the password.... But it was more than that: I was also being lazy. And it was a pain in the neck to make updates using my ancient (nearly 6 years old) Apple computer. But now things are different. I found the password and Noriko and I bought a new Apple iBook G4. It rocks!

In other news, Noriko and I moving from the quirky little town of Brisbane next month. We aren't going far, though -- just a quick drive toward the ocean, to the seaside town of Pacifica. More on that next month.

Meanwhile. here are some of the photos I promised from August. There're mostly from our trip to Maui, but the first one is of my sister Melanie and her husband, Danny. We talked them into giving up their vacation to watch our dog and cat for us while we were in Hawaii. They live in North Carolina. Thanks again, guys!

Melanie and Danny in Napa.
Here's me filming a cool field in Hana, Maui.
The horses of Hana grazing along the coast.
This was a very friendly horse.
Noriko at sunset.
Just after sunset...
Noriko at a waterfall on the road to Hana.
Here's me trying to "Hang Cool."