The Diederich Journal

August 2004

Noriko and I love the V. Sattui winery in Napa Valley. They have a great picnic area.

OK, looks like I'm going to have to revert back to my original "seasonal" format for the Diederich Journal. The monthly updates are just not happening.

I initially started the online edition of "The Journal" in June 1996 (the print edition was born in June 1990, a few days after my debut in Japan).

However, since I am apparently far too lazy to keep this thing updated on a monthly basis -- which is what I intended on doing once I returned to the U.S. of A. back in March 1998 -- I'll concede.

Heck, for a few years there I was even too lazy to keep this thing updated on a YEARLY basis. Yes, 1998 through 2003 were indeed dark days for the Diederich Journal.

Lots going on in terms of "Diederich" news. We have a family reunion this month in Ohio. Sadly, I can't attend. I just started a new job in late April and don't have enough time off saved up yet.

My new gig, Intuit, is cool. Having fun. There are even two -- they are married -- Diederichs there. Same spelling and everything. Dan and Ann Diederich. So I thought that was a pretty neat coincidence, since there aren't many Diederichs out there &endash; at least spelled exactly the same way.

Dan is of the Wisconsin clan. As I understand it, Diederichs came over from Germany in the mid 1880s and one branch went to Wisconsin and the other to northeastern Ohio.

Anyway, the weird part is that his wife, Ann, is my age and grew up in Kettering -- like me. She went to Alter, the Catholic school, while I attended Fairmont West. I forget what her maiden name was, but it was very German, that's for sure.

Talk about a small world!

In other news, Mom and Aunt Betty are coming to see Noriko and I in Pacifica this Labor Day. Dad will stay home with the dogs this time. I'm planning to visit "home" (isn't it funny we still call the place where our folks live "home"?) in October. Noriko and I are going to catch an OSU game during that visit if all goes according to plan.

OK, so the next update will come from cousin Jennifer Diederich who will give us all the lowdown on the second annual Diederich reunion later this month.

More later …