Family album (If you're a friend or relative, send me your photos and I'll post them here). Click here to see some really old family photos from the 1930s of my grandfather, great grandfather, great great grandfather and more.)

Mom and Dad visited Santa again this year in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

My wife, Noriko, with our dog, Ichi.

Hugh the cat.


My friend Art, left, and me in Japantown.

Here's Noriko and I in San Francisco's Japantown.

Angel a.k.a "The Spook" (she's white and moves through a room without a sound, like a ghost). She's a member of my cousin Jean Diederich Stouffer's family.

Cousin John Diederich and his wife, Diana in Albuquerque this past Fall.

Cousin Jean Diederich Stouffer (John's sister) and her husband, Dan.

Ann Diederich Kempton (John's and Ann's sister) and Jean.

Here's one of me, wearing a cowboy hat for some company event.

Noriko looks over her section of our garden.

This is Bubbi, Dad's best buddy.

Jennifer Diederich (Cuz John's daughter) atop Seattle's Space Needle.

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