The Diederich Journal began as a newsletter in 1991 and went online in 1996. I was living in Japan as a journalist and the publication was my way of keeping friends and family informed of my adventures. I returned to the United States in March 1998 (for a reporting gig at Computerworld) and the long hours forced me to let the Diederich Journal fade away into cyberspace.

Now, in 2003, the Journal is back! (Like a fungus.) If you're a Diederich, check out the family tree. My branch, at least the bit we tracked down, starts in the late 1600s in Germany. For specifics on my family tree, click here. My line is to the very left -- I fall under the Thomas born in 1930, my Dad. I'm Thomas Anthony Diederich III.

Feel free to take a look at some Diederichs of yesteryear (my grandfather, great grandfather, great great grandfather and lots of other Diederichs).

(You can also visit -- though this line of the Diederich clan is not directly related to me as far as I know.)